1976 Silver Streak


3 BedsBathroomLots of storage

1976 Silver Streak

Our 1976 Silver Streak was purchased gutted down to its walls, ceiling and floor. We saw a wonderful solid aluminum frame with open space. The Silver Streak will be undergoing interior space construction during 2016. Our plans include a bathroom with shower, a kitchenette, and comfortable living space that will accommodate up to 4 people. Our Silver Streak will be moved to the park soon, and it will be a designated rental space for guests of the park.

Excited to have my sister, Karen, share in the restoration of this Americana Icon.


Compelling facts: The Silver Streak Trailer Company was one of many trailer companies that was founded in El Monte, California. This coach was a variation of an early Wally Byam design (Wally is the father of the Airstream). The Silver Streak has a solid overall construction, and unlike the Airstream construction, the Silver Streak skin was built right on the trailer frame. These trailers were built between 1944 and 1985, and Silver Streak never built over six (6) trailers a week.

Our 1976 Silver Streak will arrive in Hillsboro RV Village, Hillsboro, NM in the summer of 2016. We look forward to showing you around, and we welcome your thoughts and ideas, too.